Whether you are far from your child or due to work you don’t get much time to spend with them.

Generally, having a baby monitor with good range will always allow you to keep an eye on your baby all the time.

Also, you will always feel connected with them. Being a parent, witnessing your baby grow every single day is one of the priceless moments that you can get in your life.

Hence, baby monitors with cameras will always allow you to be with your baby.

Now, there are thousands of baby monitors that you can find on Amazon, and hence it might be a bit confusing for you to pick the best product.

Therefore, I have made a survey, and based on the feedback and the ratings of the product, I have picked the Top 5 baby monitor with good range.

Let me know if these best baby monitors with cameras were actually a helpful product for you or not.

Also, tell me which baby video monitors you found the best among the list.

Baby Monitor with Good Range

VTech VM350 WiFi Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

The main reason for being a product highly popular depends on the user interface.

If a product can be easily used by the user, then it actually becomes the best product for the customers.

Hence this baby monitor with cameras is one of the best products with a good number of features that too at a very user-friendly interface.

With this product, you can easily look over your baby either through the monitor provided to you or through the application that you can get for free.

With a really high video resolution, it also offers you both way communication.

Also, you zoom (digital zoom feature) from 2x to 10x wide range. You can also rotate the camera from 270-degree side to side and 152 degrees up and down with its tilt feature.

The wide range of extra features allows you to cover a larger portion of the room and at the same time, it also offers a crystal-clear night vision option.

Also, the sensor (temperature display) notifies you if the baby cries or if the room temperature is not at a normal degree.

You can also play some soothing melodies and white noise sounds that your baby will definitely enjoy. Mostly, these melodies are offered to allow the baby to sleep in a proper way.

This is one of the best products on the list that you can be a great fit for connecting you with your baby.

Axvue Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

A single camera can do a great wonder for you, but how about 2 cameras baby monitor.

With crystal-clear video quality and audio quality, you can look over your baby whenever you want.

Also, the infrared night vision feature allows you to see your baby even at night. The motion detection and VOX function will turn on the screen and notify if your baby is crying or moving without your attention.

You can easily switch off this feature whenever you want. Also, with this product, you get the flexibility to adjust the sensitivity.

This baby monitor with cameras offers you have a look of a complete 360 degrees.

You also get a two-way communication system hence, allowing you to listen to your baby and deliver your audio at the same time.

The temperature sensors allow you to keep the room at a moderate temperature.

It also offers a super stable mode along with a highly secure connection and crystal-clear audio and video.

You get two cameras while purchasing the product and two more extra cameras can be attached to the product additionally.

Now the best part is that you will get a lifetime warranty once you purchase this product.

Now, this is basically a win-win situation.

Nanit Plus Smart Complete Monitor System with Breathing Wear

This Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is one of the most attractive and popular products from the list.

It is sensor free, HAS & FSA approved product.

The design of the product is really catchy and is really comfortable to use.

A combo pack that provides everything you might need. With a free application, you can monitor every activity through your mobile phone.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

What could be the longest range than that?

The breathing wear allows you to monitor the breathing motion of your baby every single minute.

The two-way communication allows you to communicate from both sides.

The motion sensor alerts you when the baby is moving or if the room temperature is not suitable for your baby.

You can also look over the stats of baby’s sleep, every single morning.

Also, you get a time-lapse of the last night video while your baby was sleeping.

This product can be one of the best purchases to take care of your baby.

Also, a one-year warranty will make sure that the product lasts for a longer period of time.

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Duo Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Now the above-listed product had some really fancy features. Also, the price of the above product was a bit high.

Hence, if you want the best baby monitor with a good range, with cameras at just a decent price with not so many fancy features then Summer Lookout Duo can be the best fit for you.

You get a 5-inch color LCD screen with two cameras. Also, the installation is very easy, along with a user-friendly interface.

It provides long hours of battery life with rechargeable battery.

You can mount the cameras wherever you want. Two more cameras can be attached to the monitor giving you access to 4 cameras at once.

At a very decent price, you get night vision, room-temperature sensors, a two-way communication feature, and digital privacy.

Basically, it is one of the products which you can purchase at a pretty decent and reasonable price.

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

The present era is all about Artificial Intelligence, hence how about having this feature in your product?

It is one of the most purchased products on Amazon that too with some great reviews.

It also notifies you if your baby is stuck rolling over.

The best part is that you do not have to wrap your baby with any wearable products.

You can stay in touch with your baby from anywhere around the globe with this super secure, wi-fi enabled AI Baby Monitor.

Some of the great features that you will get in the product are the following: –

  • 1080p HD video stream
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision
  • Cry Detection
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Danger Zone Alert (will notify you, if your baby is entering in any inappropriate areas)
  • Easy Installation
  • Watch your baby through your smartphone no matter wherever you are
  • You can easily adjust the stand to keep the camera at any angle you want
  • Choice of Lullabies
  • Talkback Feature

You get a warranty for 1 year with this product with all the nice features. This product is something which has some really great features. The AI system simply makes it one of the best products for the present time with cool features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Monitor with Good Range

What baby monitor has the longest range?

The longest-range video baby monitors are those with wi-fi devices. It makes sense, right? When your baby monitor is connected to the internet and you are able to monitor your baby right from your mobile then there would be no limitation about the range at all.

What is the range on a baby monitor?

Typically, the baby monitors without Wi-Fi would provide a range coverage of 800 meters to 1000 meters on the parent unit screen, if it’s one of the long-range monitors. That is good enough to cover your entire house. However, if you stay outside your house most of the time then you need to consider the one with Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can connect your baby monitor to your mobile phone and stay in touch with your baby from anywhere in the world.

Do I need a long-range baby monitor?

It depends on your requirement. If you have a small or medium-size house and a baby monitor providing an actual range of up to 1000 meters can cover the view from any corner of your house, then a baby monitor without wi-fi (wireless technology) would suffice your requirement. You don’t need very long-distance baby monitors in that case.
However, if your requirement is to be able to monitor your baby from outside your house then you definitely need to consider a wi-fi baby monitor.

How far can a VTech baby monitor reach?

Usually, any good baby monitor would transmit the signal to its monitor display up to 1000 feet of range if it’s a non-wi-fi model. The same is applicable for the Vtech baby monitor as well. The range of monitors would be similar. However, if your video monitor is wi-fi compatible then there is no limitation of range.


A baby monitor is a great way to connect with your baby virtually. It is the only product available that keeps your baby always in front of your eyes, no matter where you are. A baby monitor can be a great device to look over your child in a great way.

Also, the room temperature monitoring and all the other sensors will make sure that you get easily notified at any point in time. The baby monitor can also protect your baby in various manner.

This list of the Top 5 best baby monitor with good range will surely be a good fit for your needs. My personal recommendation would be to go for the one with artificial intelligence.

For any queries, you can connect with me and I will make sure to solve all your doubts and queries.