Before we start with the technical details, it’s important to start by answering the question of what baby monitors are and what they are used for.

If we focus on the strictly technical aspect, baby monitors are audio and video receivers which are responsible for enabling two-way communication.

This information is technically true, but it does not tell us about the usefulness of baby monitors in the daily life of a family.

These devices monitor your baby’s actions and are able to follow the smallest details of what is happening to your little one.

Baby monitors offer many more functions, including night vision to see your child during the night hours without having to enter his room and run the risk of wake him up, a thermometer, even relaxing songs to help him sleep and accompany him with beautiful melodies.

Types of baby monitors

There are three main types of baby monitors that you are going to get in the market, and you need to be aware of their features before you buy them.

Analog baby monitors

Let us start with a classic but still effective technology, the main characteristic of analog baby monitor is that the transmission of audio and video is done using waves, just like the operation of a radio.

Most baby monitors available are analog, which makes sense as they offer stable and smooth operation and are available for sale at relatively lower prices than other equipment with different technologies.

Digital Baby Monitors

As in the radio world, the difference between a digital baby monitor and an analog baby monitor is the mechanism used to transmit information.

It is important to know that digital devices offer the same performance as analog devices but with the advantage of having more availability to adapt to other equipment and the rest of the mobile technology that different developers and professionals design constantly.

Wireless network baby monitors

Everyday technology offers more options and possibilities like the wireless network which serves as a kind of closed recording circuit in which you can connect the monitor for family use.

The most basic advantage of this type of device is that it has unrestricted transmission control, so you can control it even if you are far away, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Check out if wifi baby monitors safe for your baby, before you plan to buy it.

If you decide to go for a non wifi device then here is a list of best non wifi baby monitor to choose from.

So now it’s up to you to choose the baby monitor that suits you best!

You might be wondering, why do I even need one?

Then, let me tell you what you will get if you have one.

Benefits of using the baby monitor with video

Using baby monitor provides peace and security.

Baby monitors are a useful tool to teach the baby to calm down, they relieve our nerves by allowing us to see him at all times, and they immediately signal any sound or movement in his room.

All of these benefits are invaluable, especially for new sleep-deprived parents.

If you are unsure about which baby monitor will be best suitable for you then you can find the Best Summer Baby Monitors from this link.

The video baby monitor provides a sense of security and therefore peace of mind for parents and caretakers.

Indeed, the gadget is capable of providing the real time images of the child and his environment.

This helps the parent or caretaker to assess whether or not the baby is in danger and to take appropriate action.

When you depend on audible alerts of baby’s activities, you will still continue to worry because you cannot see your baby, and that leaves you worried even when everything is fine.

Other Benefits

Baby Sleep Monitoring

All young children and babies, in particular, need much more sleep than older children and adults.

Parents need to know exactly how much their baby sleeps each night. An audio baby monitor alerts parents when the child is crying, but not for anything else.

Not all babies cry when they wake up from sleep, some can turn around and turn around without making any noise.

A baby video monitor can give you specific information about sleep patterns. Parents can see exactly when a child wakes up, even if they are not crying.

Baby Safety

Best Video Baby Monitors offer parents great comfort and peace of mind.

Once your baby starts to get up, a video baby monitor will help you prevent falls and potential injuries. Most importantly, you will know immediately if there is a danger to your baby.

Recording options

Smart baby monitors offer parents the ability to record live video. New parents can now record their baby’s activities directly from a baby monitor.

Instead of buying a standalone recording device, save precious moments with your baby.

Some baby monitors even allow you to save images and videos online using cloud storage. Parents can easily benefit from a complete record of their baby’s development.

Watch your baby live from any place

When using the baby monitor, you can monitor your child from different locations.

This allows free movement, which allows you to perform various tasks inside and outside the house.

This is because if your baby monitor is Wi-Fi enabled then it can capture pictures of the baby and can easily share them over the network to a computer in the house or an iPad or mobile phone outside the house.

This is facilitated by the wireless connection inside and outside the house from a distance. It pays off because there is no need to hire a caretaker and someone else to do other household tasks.

And there are long range baby monitors out there which allows you to keep an eye on your baby without a wi-fi connection even if you are thousands of foots away from him.

You can refer to this list of the Best long range baby monitor. This will help you to select the best baby monitor with longest range for your baby.

Surveillance of your baby’s bedroom

The use of a baby monitor plays a big role in allowing the baby to be monitored when he shares the room with an older sibling.

This is essential, especially when the older sibling is still a young minor, as it can involve the baby in activities that are only suitable for older children, posing a risk to the baby.

It is important to carefully monitor the nature of their interaction, as some older siblings may also be jealous of the young baby because of the attention given to them.

You can refer this category of best baby monitors to find out which one is most suitable one for you as per your requirement.

What if you need additional cameras?

If you have 2 small children who have joined the family, then you might be looking for a twin baby monitor.

Or would you prefer to buy a dual camera baby monitor rather than buying two different baby monitors?

Then you have come to the best place to find the best baby monitor for twins.

The best baby monitor will depend on what you need as a user of baby monitor.

There are a wide variety of monitor models in the market, some with audio feedback only and others with video and audio display.

There are also models with built-in microphones and speakers to enhance your two-way communication, and all of these will be chosen based on what you are looking for.

There is another choice for parents to go for split screen baby monitors. Split screen baby monitors allow you to see multiple babies or rooms on one screen.

You can find all the related information about the best split screen baby monitor here and decide if this is what you are looking for.

It is also worth mentioning here that if there is no power backup in your house, then you might need to go for a battery-operated baby monitor.

If you are not sure about what to look for in your baby monitor, then find a list of best battery operated baby monitors here with detailed overview.

Additional Features for special cases

Special requirements may differ from parents to parents and so does their need for special features.

For example, if the parents have difficulty in listening their babies cry such as deaf parents then selecting the best baby monitor for their baby is a biggest challenge.

You can refer this article for a detailed overview of baby monitor for deaf parents.

Even a deaf parents baby monitor may have other additional options, such as the lullaby.

As you may have noticed, even if the parents have difficulties in hearing, this does not mean that their baby will inherit this hearing problem.

As a result, these baby monitors have everything to help your baby develop his language skills.

In addition, some models have the night vision sensor which prevents you from turning on the light in the baby’s room at night.

Your all-in-one baby monitor will take care of everything.

Choose your baby monitor wisely.

Tips for choosing the right baby monitor 

Here are some tips to help you choose from the baby monitor offer in the market.

What important features to look for in a baby monitor?

Some baby monitors include incredible supplements, such as the ability to remotely control the room temperature or activate relaxing music or sounds to bring the baby back to bed. Although extra features are good, the following functions are essential:

Multiple Monitor Screens

While the monitor will be placed in baby’s room, having a portable receiver will make your life easier. You can take it with you when you are in the living room or kitchen.

Audio and Video Quality

The clarity of sound and video is very important. This is why having a good monitor that filters out background noise and gets good image quality is the first thing you should look at.

Night vision Sensors

When the baby sleeps in a low-light room, the signal may not be as clear unless the baby monitor has a screen with night vision. So that keeping an eye on him at night is not a problem.

Rechargeable batteries

Since the baby monitor and receiver are almost always on, choose a model that can be charged so that it is always operational.

Sound activation

A monitor that turns on when it detects a cry will not keep you awake all night while listening to ambient noise.

Best Use of baby monitor

  • Hide the power cords. Keep the cables at least 3 meters from the cradle to avoid possible accidents.
  • Do not put the monitor in the cradle. It is safer to keep the monitor out of bed and several meters from your hands.
  • A baby monitor cannot replace adult supervision. No matter how many alarms a baby monitor integrates, it can never replace a parent’s eyes and ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is baby monitor safe?

The baby monitor is one of the most useful and practical baby accessories in the house.

Indeed, it allows young parents to monitor their children remotely.

It can be audio or equipped with a camera, with which it is possible to see a baby during day and night as well if your baby monitor is equipped with an infrared sensor.

All the information that is exchanged between the room of your little angel and yours, are made by waves which can be radio waves, magnetic and electric.

As there are no frequencies imposed for baby monitors, the models found on the market are around 40 MHz to 2400 MHz.

If you want to buy a baby monitor on the internet, it would be better to opt for low-frequency baby monitors like the low emf baby monitor recommended on this website.

To limit the waves propagated in the baby’s environment, another criterion that is essential when buying your device is “automatic voice activation” or VOX Technology.

A baby monitor with VOX mode gets activated automatically when it detects the baby’s cry.

According to a study carried out by the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Compatibility, analog baby monitors emit 33 times fewer waves and a frequency 2 times lower than that of their competitors in the market.

So, to answer your question.

Yes, it is safe to use baby monitors.

Be wise and select the best for your baby.

Do I really need a baby monitor?

Baby monitors are beneficial for all parents in many ways, especially for parents of newborns and toddlers.

For most parents, losing sleep and worrying over and over are common barriers. With the help of this important device, you and your baby will be happier.

In addition to having peace of mind, here is how you can save time and relieve stress with a baby video monitor.

More sleep for parents

With a new baby at home, one of the biggest challenges for most parents is saving hours of sleep.

It’s okay to worry and you want to monitor your baby constantly. all parents will agree that every moment of rest is priceless.

Naturally, babies often wake up during the night and the godfather’s sleep has surely become a rare commodity.

With a baby video monitor, you never need to get out of bed or waste precious minutes of sleep to make sure your baby is happy and safe.

Zero Interruption for baby

You will be able to monitor your baby without disturbing him.

It is often difficult to put your baby to sleep. it is never practical to enter the room to monitor your child.

In addition to preserving your sleep, you can also help them sleep better with a baby monitor.

The relaxing music built into it can easily convince your baby to fall asleep. Sleep training is important for all babies.

Most parents will give their baby a chance to calm down before rushing to intervene.

A visual baby monitor is an essential tool for this training.

Do you need WiFi for baby monitors?

Only if you want to connect the baby monitor with your phone.

If you do not want your baby monitor to be connected to the internet, then you do not need one with a WiFi connection.

The only difference between a WiFi device and a Non-Wifi is that using a baby monitor with Wi-Fi you will be able to see your baby from anywhere in the world on your smartphone.

Whereas, the non-wifi device will allow you to monitor your baby within a certain range.

At what age should you stop using a baby monitor?

The use of a baby monitor is directly related to the age of the baby.

Indeed, it is intended for parents who constantly care about the well-being and especially the safety of their children.

If you also don’t want your baby to cry for a long time before taking him in your arms, buy yourself a baby monitor that will help you hear him as soon as he gets up.

You can buy a baby monitor as soon as your baby is born.

Indeed, the first months are likely to be quite hectic because he will tend to sleep between fifteen and twenty hours a day and will wake up in the middle of the night.

In addition, at this time your child is quite fragile and requires special attention.

Now the question comes to your mind when to stop using the baby monitor?
Let me help you with that.

Has your child grown up and passed the bottle cap?

You are however used to putting the baby monitor in his room.

If your child is still in the phase where he believes in fairies, in Santa Claus, and especially in the monsters in the cupboards, you can always continue to keep the monitor in his room.

To find out when to stop using your baby monitor and give your child more privacy, take a test based on their age.

Normally, if he no longer asks you to leave the light on or the door open at night, it means that he is ready to sleep in his room like a grown-up!

Do you leave baby monitor on all night?

You are anxious about the simple idea of ​​leaving your baby alone in his room while he sleeps!

To monitor baby’s sleep and hear if he wakes up, perhaps you should leave your baby monitor on.

Points to Remember

1. Remember to check the batteries or the battery level regularly.

2. Be aware that hearing range is maximum in the free field and that significant obstacles reduce the quality of sound.

3. The possibility of adjusting the volume should not be overlooked.

4. A night light can be integrated into the transmitter.

Are video baby monitors worth it?

The question is quite natural, and few parents plan to do without this device.

But you need to plan differently, so that baby’s sleep is peaceful and that of parents too.

The main point here is, letting babies cry in their beds is not good for them.

Even the basic baby monitor simply sends the sound from the baby’s room into a device that you can place near you to hear it wherever you are.

Your baby needs your attention and care.

So, obviously baby monitor is worth doing it for you.

Can you use your phone as a baby monitor?

Occasionally turning your smartphone into a baby monitor is possible.

To use your mobile phone as a baby monitor, you must have two iPhones or iPads, a charging socket, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Plug one of them into the bedroom of your child and set it up near the bed of your baby (but not too close to the baby because of the waves).

Keep the angle of the phone’s camera perfectly pointing to your baby so that you enjoy a good view of the baby.

Connect to any video conferencing application with the phone that you are going to keep with you.

Now, call the one in your child’s room in order to connect the screens together and keep a virtual eye on the baby.

You can then monitor your little one at any time by viewing him through video conferencing from your phone.

However, it would be much cheaper to buy a baby monitor than an iPhone or iPad.


The baby monitor is not new. The first baby monitor was developed and marketed by the company Zenith in 1937.

It was called “Radio Nurse” and was an audio monitor only intended to allow parents to hear their baby’s voice.

Baby monitor is completely safe to use and gives peace of mind to parents.