Baby Monitor consists of mainly two units, one receiver and one transmitter.

Normally, the room that has a camera and audio sensor is the baby’s room and the receiver/monitor display LCD/LED screen will be with the parents.

Parents must be aware of mounting baby monitor on wall inside their baby’s room or they can also place it on a plain surface if the model supports a tabletop stand.

Depending on your decision about how you would go about mounting a baby monitor inside your baby’s room. The procedure would differ.

Before discussing directly how to mount a baby monitor in your baby’s room, it would be wise to talk first about where to mount a baby monitor.

Let’s talk about that now.

Where to Mount a Baby Monitor?

Baby always needs a calm environment, that’s the reason why you fill his room with multi-colored toys.

You should also keep in your mind not to overload the baby’s room so that you leave a large space as a play area for entertainment.

But wherever baby is, he needs to be watched.

So, this is where the baby monitor comes into the picture and it comes under its options for video surveillance and a safety device.

Note that the installation of baby monitors requires the intervention of specialists.

If you want to do it on your own, then first of all you should know where to mount the baby monitor?

Mounting a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are certainly useful at night, but the impact of waves should not be taken lightly, so avoid putting them on the part where the baby’s head is located.

Put it on a fairly high table 2 to 3 meters away from baby.

You can also hang it on the wall, but always keep the distance indicated.

Almost all the new baby monitor models are equipped with an analog mode to analyze the perfect emission of sound, video, and image without increasing the magnetic field harmful to the brain of babies.

You can refer to this article to Know more about Baby Monitors.

Now the main point is, how to mount baby monitor?

Let’s look into that now.

How to Mount Baby Monitor?

First of all, you should always aim to mount the baby monitor on the wall.

It is safe and gives you a perfect view.

It gives you the option of removing it from the room and keeping it out of your child’s reach.

Mounting Baby Monitor on Wall

The safest place to install a baby monitor is on the wall. When you mount the monitor on the wall, you or your baby are less likely to knock it over and break it.

In addition, you will have a better view of the entire nursery and the cradle.

To hold the baby monitor on the wall, you have different options:

Wall mount for baby monitor – Many video baby monitors will come with a wall-mount option.

It can be the built-in on the monitor or an extra piece you get inside the box.

Some monitor will be delivered with a secure and easy-to-use wall mounting system.

It could be just a simple hole at the bottom of the base.

In this case, I suggest you add double-sided tape to secure the monitor to the wall.

How to mount a baby monitor on the wall?

At first, you want to find the best location to install your monitor. This place will give you a complete bird’s eye view of the crib.

It’s also nice to see the playground, the doors and the windows.

Your baby monitor must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

However, the use of an extension cord is not recommended.

It is essential to fix all the wires to the wall. Loose thread presents a risk of strangulation.

Many parents will wait till their baby starts checking the room, and they will probably forget too.

To fix the wire, you can use a cord cover. It is a hard-plastic tube that you attach to the wall to pass the wire inside.

The best place to pass the wire is in the corner, behind a bookcase or a long curtain.

It will certainly be more beautiful and safer for your child.

Before mounting your baby monitor to the wall, you should also consider that after fixing the monitor to the wall, it will be difficult to remove it.

There are circumstances when your baby sleeps outside the room.

This could be while visiting friends or on vacation.

For me, it was not a problem as I was adding an extra pair of monitors which was available with me all the time.

If you prefer not to permanently attach it to the wall, here is the other mounting option you might consider.

Baby Monitor Stand

When I first heard about baby monitor holders, I thought it was just another useless gadget that parents bought.

I hate buying something and I give it away because I don’t use it. I also hate cluttering my house with unnecessary stuff.

Here are the different baby monitor stands you can get and why they are useful.

1. Baby Monitor Camera Holder

The baby monitor holder will hold your monitor in place and keep your camera in the same position.

The supports are perfect for mounting a baby monitor on a shelf or a flat surface.

2. Flexible

baby monitor tripod – Tripods are great for holding a baby monitor on anything.

I even saw a mother installing a baby monitor on a curtain rod using a flexible tripod to hold onto the horizontal bar.

3. Universal support for

baby monitor the universal supports are suitable for any model of baby monitor.

They work great for attaching a baby monitor to a surface while being able to easily change the angle of the camera.

4. Baby monitor mounting

kit – The mounting kit will look and work like a shelf. They are designed to mount your baby monitors on a surface, such as a wall, a ceiling, or even the side of a bookcase.

Mounting Baby Monitor on Furniture

Placing your baby monitor on a shelf is not only practical, it is also safe.

It’s handy because you don’t need to attach it to the wall or your furniture.

You might want to change the camera angle, to get a better view of the crib at night or the play area during the day.

In addition, you will probably only want to buy one monitor.

But do not place it on the cradle, as the monitor could fall into the bed.

If you don’t already have one in the nursery, you can buy a small shelf or get a shelf designed for baby monitors.

A small shelf can be found in any hardware or interior decoration store.

You can get a cheap corner shelf at Home-Depot for less than $ 10.

I would recommend fixing the monitor with double-sided tape. Or maybe using a clip or a baby monitor holder.

The baby monitor shelf is also easy to find on Amazon, and they are inexpensive.

They will also have a hole to pass the chute.

In addition, most of them have a security function to keep your monitor in place without using tape.

Maybe you temporarily stay in a place for the night when you are on a vacation.

Mounting Baby Monitor on Table

My first choice will be to place the monitor on the dresser or table, next to the cradle.

If you place it next to the changing mat, make sure your baby cannot remove it from the dresser or start playing with it.

Mount it on the Crib

Most parents think of the cradle when they want to install a baby monitor for the first time.

Most baby proofing specialists will tell you not to attach a monitor to a crib.

It might go wrong.

First of all, there is an extreme danger that your baby will reach the monitor wire.

Make sure the cable is 100% secure and that there is no free area where your child can put their finger around the wire.

Second, your baby might think it is a toy and start playing with it.

Make sure the monitor is securely attached and not removable. For this, you can use a clip for the baby monitor.

However, it is not recommended to let your baby sleep next to a baby monitor every night.

When installing a baby monitor in a crib, you need to take many precautions. It is possible to safely mount a monitor on a crib.

Some Useful Tips about Mounting Baby Monitor on Wall / Crib / Furniture

How to Hide a Baby Monitor?

Having a baby video monitor could look like a security camera.

Some monitors have video cameras hidden in luxurious toys. They are made to be hidden and you just have to place them in a bookcase or on a shelf.

If you want to know how to hide a baby monitor camera then the simple answer is that either buy a product that does not look like a camera or buy the smallest available camera that can be kept inside some other products easily.

You can also use an artificial plant, a stuffed toy, a tissue box, or directory in a library.

How to Hide the Baby Monitor Cord?

The cord covers are practical, but they are easy to design.

Perhaps you could place the monitor or the furniture in such a way that a bookcase or the curtain will hide the wire.

You can pass the wire inside the wall by drilling a hole.

Then, attach the monitor cord to a strip of fish and slide it up and down.

Baby monitor cord security

When installing your new baby monitors, be sure to attach the monitor wire.

You must do it on the very first day. Because you never know when your child will be more active, start exploring and finding their room.

Here are some safety tips you should know:

  • You can buy a plastic cover for baby monitor cords at the hardware store or on Amazon. These are the same blankets they use in hospitals or schools to hide the wires.
  • You can paint the same colors on your wall to make it blend into your decor.
  • At first, you might think of dabbing the cord on the wall or using a cord clip. You should avoid clips as they pose a risk of suffocation. Your child could play with it, and it could become loose.


Mounting Baby Monitor on Wall is not an easy task but it’s not that difficult either. By following this epic guide, I am sure that you would be able to Mount your baby monitor on the wall/table/crib/furniture or anywhere else as per your convenience. Don’t forget to take care of the safety measures discussed above before mounting the baby monitor on the wall or crib. That way you would ensure the safety of the monitor as well as your baby.