Is your baby struggling to sleep through the night?

Do you want to make it more self-sufficient while continuing to keep an eye on it?

No doubt you need a summer baby monitor.

These little gems of technology will be your best friend, or to give you a little break from your parenting, with confidence.

Indeed, the baby monitor allows you to listen to or view remotely what your toddler is doing, whether at bedtime or during a nap.

Take your walkie-talkie everywhere with you and rock it from the living room or your office, as if you were always there.

As a monitoring tool at first, the summer baby monitor is also a way to keep in touch.

So, which one to choose?

Are you looking for the best summer baby monitor for your baby? I tested not one, not two, but many of these monitors, and I am left basically scratching my head as just to how this monitor is so popular.

Well let’s talk about why I was so confused, and I believe that you are confused too when it comes to selecting the best for your baby. So, let’s dive into our best summer baby monitor review.

Continue reading to find out the best summer baby monitor of the year.

A baby monitor is always more reassuring, and it is a greater investment for your own good.

So, what are you waiting for?

Best Summer Baby Monitors

  • Summer Lookout Duo 5″ LCD Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras
  • Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor
  • Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor
  • Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor – 5-Inch Display & Remote Steering Camera

Summer Lookout Duo 5″ LCD Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

To help your baby get through the night (or yours) or to teach him to be independent, nothing like an efficient and practical baby monitor: this is what the Summer Lookout Duo 5″ LCD Baby Monitor offers.

The Summer Lookout Duo 5″ LCD Baby Monitor appears to be the most efficient, and also the best budget-friendly baby monitor in the market.

This monitor is very easy to install, and it does not require drilling your wall as it comes with a removable wall mount.

This monitor has the functionality of auto night vision to switch to night mode automatically without any manual intervention.

The other positive point of this monitor is of course its long range, up to 1000 foot.

This will reassure parents with a large house: you can move at leisure with your instructor without being afraid of losing contact.

This monitor also offers two way talk back to your baby.

The “Crystal Clear Sound” function not only ensures a quality audio exchange, allowing you to distinguish the slightest chirping of your baby, but also a reduction in the background, often annoying for continuous listening.

Let’s discover in more detail the advantages of this powerful monitor.

This product comes with two cameras. Hence, it can cover every corner of your baby’s room from two different sides.

This product is easy to install and does not require any additional setup to be done such as drilling a hole in the wall to mount the cameras. It comes with a removable wall mounting and can also be placed on any rigid surface or can be used on the go.

This model supports digital zoom therefore you can also apply zoom and watch your baby closely while the camera is turned on.

This product supports expansion hence you can also add additional cameras to monitor multiple rooms very easily.

Summer Lookout Duo 5 also displays the temperature of your baby’s room with the help of its inbuilt room temperature sensor.

Summer Lookout Duo 5 comes with a rechargeable battery so you can be worry free.

Summer Lookout Duo 5 LCD Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras Rating


  • 5-inch color LCD screen
  • No-hole PrestoMount
  • Versatile camera
  • Automatic Night Vision
  • Digital Zoom
  • Move Cameras in any direction
  • Room temperature display
  • Two-way talk-back
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Rechargeable


  • The monitor does not have a split-screen feature to monitor multiple rooms simultaneously
  • The camera needs to be adjusted manually, can’t be controlled by the monitor
  • Camera is not Wi-Fi capable

Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor

The packaging of Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor is full of promise: to provide you with the best video monitors for your baby, and it is!

That said, under certain conditions. You will get much better performance from this monitor by using it in open areas, i.e. without obstructions (walls, windows, trees).

However, there is still the best possible quality / price ratio for a monitor offering 4-in-1 and features such as two-way conversation (baby can also answer you), Lullabies & White noise to put your little one to sleep.


Read my full review below.

What I think of Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor

As soon as you receive the package, the ambition is there: to provide a quality product to “keep an eye” on your baby, wherever you are in the house.

The Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor keeps its promise: with its video camera equipped with sensory sensors for a clear image, as well as 3-level zoom; 12x more Pixels than standard monitors, to detect the smallest movements of your little champ, you can connect up to 4 cameras simultaneously.

This is ideal if you have several children at home.

It is a simple and efficient device. Just connect it and you’re ready to use it. The room temperature function is a welcome bonus. Image clarity is good even in the dark and two-way audio communication is awesome.

Given its characteristics, its price is interesting, which makes it good value for money.

All in all, it must be said that this Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor audio and video monitor seems to be the best possible choice on the market and that its negative points depend on the use you make of it.

Check your Needs Carefully before Making your Decision

Features of Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor comes with a high definition 4.5-inch color display.

This product also supports 3 level zoom functionalities so that you can keep an eye on every smallest movement.

This product also provides a Digital image steering feature to remotely move within the image on the screen.

Lullabies & White noise features help you with putting your baby to sleep

Two-way talk back allows you to talk and play with your baby remotely.

Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5″ High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor also displays you the room temperature of your baby’s room.

Summer Infant Pure HD 4.5 High Definition Color Video Baby Monitor Rating


  • 4.5-inch HD color screen
  • 3 level zoom technology
  • Digital image steering
  • Automatic Night Vision
  • Lullabies & White noise
  • Video on/off technology
  • Room temperature display
  • Two-way talk-back
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Rechargeable
  • Auto-scan between rooms
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Expandable system with auto-scan between rooms
  • Out of range indicators on the screen


  • The range is only up to 800 foot
  • No Wi-Fi support

Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor

If you want your baby to be comfortable in his or her room without having to come and see your baby constantly, or if you want to keep an eye on your baby, the Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor fulfills your requirement with its audio and video functions perfectly!

Transportable, practical, and easy to use, it is a good ally of parents worried or anxious by nature. But also, for those who like to take time for themselves.

The fact is that this Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor has it all: sensitive microphone, Voice-Activated Video On/Off Technology, SleepZone Virtual Boundary, Moonlite night vision, 360° Tilt Camera Steering, or two-way audio communication.

All these features allow real comfort of use, but also for the baby and his parents. You no longer have to worry about anything and can stay with your friends in the living room while lowering the temperature in your little one’s bedroom.

You are present with your baby, while going about your business.

The VOX technology (Voice-activated video on/off) turns on the screen automatically if the baby starts to cry and goes into power saver mode again if inactive for more than 30 seconds.

I also like the fact that there is a temperature sensor, so you know exactly how cold or hot the children’s room is.

Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor Rating


  • SleepZone Virtual Boundary
  • 360Tilt Camera Steering
  • Moonlite Night Vision Boost
  • Voice Activated Video On/Off Technology (VOX)
  • 3-Level zoom


  • No Wi-Fi Connection
  • No Lullabies/ White Noise
  • Not Durable

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor – 5-Inch Display & Remote Steering Camera

This Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor – 5-Inch Display & Remote Steering Camera seems to have all the good points for parents worried about leaving their newborn baby unattended.

In parallel, its many features make it a quality device, which can operate up to 800-foot range.

On paper and in real life, this baby monitor seems to be the most durable alternative you will have in your hands, to always keep your baby as close as possible.

Whether you are at the other end of the house or in the garden with the rest of your family, this monitor offers a range of 800-foot range.

In this way, you can monitor the baby’s actions and gestures at any time.

I particularly appreciate the VOX option, which is found only on certain ranges of monitors.

Convenient if your baby is asleep: you can now focus on your business while keeping an eye on him.

If that’s not enough, you may need to adjust the room temperature: this too can be done remotely.

The camera also moves from left to right and tilts up & down remotely, for a perfect view.

With the help of this HD camera, you get 720p HD picture quality. With clear night vision, you don’t have to struggle to see your baby at night.

You can also set a virtual boundary for your baby and get notified when the baby goes out of the boundary.

The investment and value for money for this baby monitor is nothing, and returns are overwhelmingly positive.

This is an easy-to-use, transportable, and durable device, which offers excellent performance for both video and audio.

Notice to parents who know what they are looking for!

You will have no trouble installing and fully understanding how this baby monitor works. It is a breeze to use. For those not familiar with technology, this model is for you.

Overall, this baby monitor ranks among the most complete and reliable on the market. Unlike other models that show more flaws, this one has few, if any.

Check the Details of This Baby Monitor

As a parent, you often turn a bit obsessive-compulsive and want to be able to observe the slightest movement of your baby.

The HD picture quality and 12x more pixels would certainly allow you to see even the tiny movement of your little champ.

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor Rating


  • Large Signal range
  • Ease of Use
  • HD Moonlite Night Vision Boost
  • Voice Activated Video On/Off Technology (VOX)
  • 6-Level zoom
  • Remote Steering
  • VOX technology
  • Virtual Box Boundary
  • Large Display
  • 720p HD Picture Quality


  • None

No doubt this product is the most favorite one for all the moms out there and there is a valid reason for that.

You make a good choice with Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor. This is a mid-range product that you can trust. Its ease of use makes it a credible choice.


There are numerous products available in the market. Be wise and select the best for your little one. Do not compromise the performance and the quality of the product just to save few bucks.

Learn Everything that you need to know about Baby Monitors from this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a summer baby monitor?

The way of use differs from model to model.

For example, if you go for a wi-fi model then the way you use the baby monitor will be different than a non wi-fi model.

Hence, refer the list of the best summer baby monitors provided in this post and select the best for you.

I have also mentioned about what to expect from a model and its pros and cons for every single model available in this post.

I am sure that would help you to make a decision.

summer baby monitor manual

Summer infant’s official website does provide manuals in the form of instruction guide for all its products.

You can visit the official site of summer infant, select the product from their website and scroll down to find the documentation provided for that particular model.

Here is an example of the document available for Summer Infant Pure HD baby monitor on their website.

summer baby monitor reviews

This Summer Infant video monitor reviews post is such a thorough and detailed one which highlights everything the product has to offer to its buyer.

Just follow this post and I can assure you that you would get the ability to select one of the best model of summer infant baby monitor available in the market.

summer baby monitor customer service

Summer baby monitor provides live chat support to its customers.
When you visit their official website, you will find a live chat option in the right bottom corner of their site.

Apart from this, you could also fill up their contact us form and wait for their response or call them on Phone number +1 401-671-6551.

How do I sync my summer Monitor?

This differs from model to model.

Most of the models available in the market, sync automatically as soon as you turn them on.

If you face any issue in syncing your device then check the model-specific manual and I am sure you would find it easy to sync your device.


I hope this Summer Infant Video Monitor Reviews will help you select the best summer baby monitor for your baby. Refer the list provided above and I am sure that you will be able to find the best one as per your requirement.

If you would like me to review another model, then don’t hesitate to provide the model number in the comment section and I would add the model of your choice in this review.